Updates to PolyNome

Version 1.2 will fix any problems people have been having.

We’re working hard on version 2 which is going to add lots of new features. It really will make PolyNome the Ultimate Metronome.

Keep your eyes peeled…

10 thoughts on “Updates to PolyNome

    • Hi Rob, thanks for buying PolyNome. Saving settings is coming in version 2.0. Lucas is in the process of getting married so it might be a while off. It’s definitely coming though, along with some other really cool features.

  1. Hi, I just purchased your Polynome, used it a couple of times and it has already become my go-to metronome over others I have on my iPad. Are you still planning to release 2.0?

  2. I bought PolyNome and it’s on my iPhone. I would like to have it on my iPad as well, but it’s not showing as an app in the App Store on the iPad (when I look under “Purchased” in Updates). Please help. Thanks!

    • Hi Peter,

      You can install PolyNome on an iPad but it’s an iPhone app (so it’ll be scaled up). On the “purchased” page you have to tap where it says “iPad APPS” in the top left and select “iPhone Apps”. You should then see it in your purchased apps list.

      All the best,

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