PolyNome submitted to the App store

We’ve been working hard to get PolyNome released as soon as possible.  We’re just polishing off some finishing touches before submitting it to Apple.  Hopefully they’ll approve it and it should be available within a couple of weeks… Fingers crossed.

You can still help us out by spreading the word.  We’re aiming to get as many good reviews and ratings as possible so we might get noticed :)

Thanks for your support,

Joe & Lucas

3 thoughts on “PolyNome submitted to the App store

  1. PolyNome is great! I especially like being able to easily build rhythmic scales, which is impossible on many metronome or a PITA to program on others. One question, however: Is there no provision to save custom user presets? With such a capable and versatile app, saving presets is pretty significant. If it is not included now, will it be included in future updates? Thanks.

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